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About UV Gullas College of Medicine, Cebu City

UV Gullas College of Medicine has grown into an eight-campus, province wide system of higher education and lower level laboratory schools.

The College has two campuses in Cebu City, the main University campus in the downtown Cebu City area and a laboratory high school in Pardo. The main campus in Cebu City, with a six multi-story building including a gymnasium, occupies almost one city block bounced by Colon, D. Jakosalem and Sanciangko Streets.

The College of Dentistry and Nursing are located in a separate campus in Banilad, Mandaue City at the site of Vicente Gullas Memorial Hospital and the Gullas College of Medicine. The Gullas College of Medicine Mandaue Campus (formerly Mandaue Academy) is located in downtown Cambaro, Mandaue City.

MBBS in Philippines in Uv Gullas of Medicine to get world class education with international standards. Education in University is offered by experienced professors in respective strems.

International Campus

At the outset, UV Gullas College of Medicine encompasses sprawling campuses, world-class kitchen facilities, quality accommodation and other associated conveniences to students who study MBBS abroad

The college consists of two campuses, one located within Ceby City and the other situated in the downtown area of Cebu City. An adjacent, well-equipped laboratory high school renders academic support. Encircling the Gullas College of Medicine and the Vicente Gullas Memorial Hospital rests the College of Dentistry and Nursing, which is also an autonomous campus located in the Banilad area of Mandaue City. Formerly known as Mandaue Academy, another campus is located in downtown Cambaro, Mandaue City and is today popularly known as The Gullas College of Medicine Mandaue

A part of the University of the Visayas system, The Gullas Medical Center in Banilad, Mandaue City, houses several services pertinent to medical studies. The provisions are immense for students across all of the following locations.

  1. Vicente Gullas Memorial Hospital
  2. Gullas College of Medicine
  3. University of the Visayas College of Nursing
  4. Gullas College of Dentistry
  5. Tan Kim Ching Cancer Center
  6. A fully-equipped Cosmetic Surgery Center along with other related health resources is also in the offing. Accredited by Phil Health, the Vicente Gullas Memorial Hospital, a 100-bed facility, providing superior tertiary care to its patients.
Department of Medical Education Clinical Skill Unit

Simulation training is one of the latest methodologies used in training health care personnel. Using parallelly reproduced situations, health care providers can respond to real-time circumstances better than in a non-simulated environment. Where actual patients cannot be replaced, the Clinical Skill Unit of UV Gullas uses advanced technology to ensure that the interns, residents, students and other allied health care providers receive simulation training, which also accounts to safety during learning. While mistakes are a valuable part of the learning process, the simulation environment does not put patients at risk.

The students are provided with quality materials for meticulous learning. Besides simulation, the learners get to function in a state-of-the-art-facility where work is well-structured and the environment is absolutely worry-free. With continuous revisions of the curriculum, new ideas are imbibed by budding health care professionals every day due to which a sense of innovation is deeply ingrained into them. UV Gullas finds the most efficient and effective ways of imparting medical education at every level.

Food and Accommodation

Campus accommodations are provided along with food, for all students who enroll with the UV Gullas College of Medicine. Equipped with a complete range of facilities, we ensure that the students are housed in a home away from home. Delicious dishes are served according to ethnic Indian tastes and traditions. Wi-Fi is available round-the-clock. A huge study hall encourages students to collaborate and work better. There are separate housekeeping staffs for cleaning the rooms. At a nominal cost, laundry facilities are offered as well. Clean drinking water is made available through a water purifier equipped with RO technology. A separate parking area for vehicles is marked for those who commute from a little farther away from their study area within the campus. Students are provided with a highly-secure and hassle-free study environment with the availability of CCTV and 24-hour security guards who keep a vigil across the campus. To study low cost MBBS in Philippines, reach out to the UV Gullas College of medicine admission office for more information.

Student Life
UV Gullas College of Medicine, Cebu City
Programme Year Amount
Pre -Medicine first year 700000 INR
Doctor of medicine (MD) second year 266000 INR
Doctor of medicine (MD) third year 266000 INR
Doctor of medicine (MD) fourth year 266000 INR
Doctor of medicine (MD) fifth year 266000 INR
TOTAL 17,64,000 INR
B ) Visa Processing & Air Ticket – INR 1,25,000
  1. > Registration & Acceptance Letter from University
  2. > MEA Attestation
  3. > Red Ribbon Document Authentication
  4. > 9 (A) Visa Stamping in India
  5. > Air Ticket (One Way)
C ) Visa Extension & Conversion – INR 75,000
  1. > Medical Test in Philippines
  2. > Quarantine
  3. > Visa Extension
  4. > Student Visa Conversion for 1st Year
  5. > ACR Card (It can be done by the student themselves on Actuals)
D ) Hostel & Food - INR 8,58,000
  1. > By College – 12,000 PHP
  2. > By Own – 10,000 PHP
Total Expenses (A+B+C+D) = INR 25,08,000
UV Gullas College Of Medicine Fee Structure
Pre-Medicine Program (BS Biology)
Acadamic Year
Fees in USD
Approx. INR Value
2 semester and 1 summer
5,75,000 INR
Doctor Of Medicine (MD)
MD - 1st Year
3,800 USD
2,50,000 INR
MD - 2nd Year
3,800 USD
2,50,000 INR
MD - 3rd Year
3,800 USD
2,50,000 INR
MD - 4th Year
3,800 USD
2,50,000 INR
Grant Total
15,75,000 INR
Other Expences
Visa, Airticket(oneway), Insurance, Documentation
INR 1,10,000
Food and Accomodation per Month
PESO 10,000


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